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Verdant Dwellings is owned and operated by Jeff and Lauren Nielsen and has been operating on the Mornington Peninsula and shipping Australia wide for over two years. It began as a way to boost kids Christmas money in 2017 when Jeff, a Horticulturalist of 20 years, was Managing a large Indoor Plant Wholesale Grower and Lauren was working as an Acupuncturist. It grew organically and from February 2019 both Jeff and Lauren became full time at Verdant Dwellings and now offer hundreds of varieties of Indoor Plants and accessories to the public, a list that is always growing.

A retail Warehouse opened to the public in Dromana 2018 and eight months later, in April 2019, they acquired the warehouse next door as a propagation and growing space. That’s 600 square meters of growing space, 200 of which is dedicated retail. Jeff and Lauren devised a boxing system to allow them to ship plants fully potted. This enables the customer to open their package and not worry about having to immediately pot a bare rooted plant. It also means Verdant Dwellings plants can spend longer in transport with no issues and do not go into shock. Healthier plants and happier customers.

(Please note that our in-store closed until further notice

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Launched on the Mornington Peninsula in April 2020, *Hopen was created by Five Creative with the help of community partner, Red Hill Relief, in response to the COVID-19 Crisis, to support the many local businesses still open for business.

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