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Hopen for Business

Our Mornington Peninsula based team of writers and facilitators are experienced at working with business managers and teams to develop effective award, grant and tender bids across a range of industries including Tourism, Agribusiness, the Arts, Events and Education.

We aim to extract meaning from our business-to-business relationships that delivers winning results for both parties. We will get to know your business. We’ll connect with your team, we’ll do the research, understand your strengths and communicate your unique vision and value.

We hope to foster a long term relationship by continually examining and improving the service we offer. The more often you engage our service, the better placed we will be to offer savings in time, money and the careful curation of your business story.

Put simply, we understand what it takes to develop a competitive submission and we’ll be going the extra mile to ensure your money is well spent.

With 20 years of experience, our team have written over 59 MEDAL WINNING award submissions for clients and secured grants and tenders for numerous tourism, education, business development and art programs.

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Launched on the Mornington Peninsula in April 2020, *Hopen was created by Five Creative with the help of community partner, Red Hill Relief, in response to the COVID-19 Crisis, to support the many local businesses still open for business.

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Whilst *Hopen was originally created specifically for businesses on the Mornington Peninsula, we are open to expanding the service to other regional communities.

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